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Chapel of S. Sebastiano

Address: Frazione Serra, Via Fontana, 7, 14014 Capriglio AT, Italia
The structure of the chapel stands elevated, on an embankment with ten steps. It is named after S. Sebastiano, protector of the plague epidemic. His f...
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Church of Natività della Vergine Maria

Address: Via S. Giovanni, 1, 14014 Capriglio AT, Italia
Parish church probably built in 1500. It was completely modified in 1860: among the interventions made the lengthening of the single room with the add...
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Church of S. Martino (c/o Cemetery of Capriglio)

Address: Strada Provinciale 33, 3, 14014 Capriglio AT, Italia
Cemetery church, keeps traces of the 14th century structure. See also... • Events in Capriglio • Capriglio tourist guide • Municipium, the App of your...
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Fonte Bacolla

Address: Via Bacolla, 14014 Capriglio AT, Italia
Spring source located to the right of the Rio Nissone, in the valley between the municipalities of Castelnuovo Don Bosco and Montafia. The source is k...
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Fonte Carabina

Address: 14014 Capriglio AT, Italia
The source is known for the excellent quality of its waters. See also... • Events in Capriglio • Capriglio tourist guide • Municipium, the App of your...
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Mamma Margherita Museum (Museo di Mamma Margherita)

Address: Piazza Mamma Margherita, 4, 14014 Capriglio AT, Italia
Tel: 335 8268973
Email: museomammamargherita@gmail.com
Museum dedicated to the figure of Margherita Occhiena, mother of St. Giovanni Bosco. Visible by appointment. • Who was Margherita Occhiena Margherita ...
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Mamma Margherita's birthplace

Address: Frazione Cecca, 14014 Capriglio AT, Italia
Margherita Occhiena birthplace (known as Mamma Margherita), mother of S. Giovanni Bosco. Occhiena was born in Cecca hamlet on April 1, 1788. • Availab...
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Paleontological geosite - Capriglio

Address: Via San Giovanni, 14014 Capriglio AT, Italia
Brachiopod sands outcrop referring to the Pliocene period of Asti region. See also... • Events in Capriglio • Capriglio tourist guide • Municipium, th...
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PanCapriglio Giant Bench - Capriglio

Address: Frazione Serra, 14014 Capriglio AT, Italia
Giant bench in yellow and green color. It stands in a panoramic position, in the hamlet of Serra, overlooking the Basilica of Don Bosco. Capriglio is ...
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Votive pylon of S. Rocco (Pylon dla Cros)

Address: Piazza della Vittoria, 14014 Capriglio AT, Italia
Pylon built in the early 1900s. It is also known as Pylon dla Cros (pylon of the cross) with reference to the crossroads that hosts it. It is consider...
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